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    Hi @skysurfer - welcome, and thanks for sharing your journey! Hopefully we can help you troubleshoot the A3S and get it back up and running again soon. I do not have anything kind to say about Geeetech products, except I do like the GT2560 board which I also have used before – I used to own the terrible Geeetech G2S Pro.
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    Hi Samuel,
    many thanks for the welcome B)
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    Hi @skysurfer - I've moved your post to a separate thread here. This way we can keep this thread clean for new users :smile:

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    many thanks B)
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    Hey guys not my first post but better late than never :blush:

    Just a bit about me really, im a 23 year old father of one, im an electronics guy whos worked in research through that i developed a love of 3d printing and cad work. Bought my first printer last October (well second if you include the cobbleflop).

    I love my z-603s but have some mod i want to make so came here to post a build blog, with all parts being posted to thingverse for all to try.
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    Well consider this an official welcome @Devilclarke :smile:
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    Hello everyone!

    Let me start by saying THANK YOU!

    I have been lurking on this forum/website and using everyone's hard work as guidance on my adventure into 3D printing.

    On a more personal note. Thank you Samuel Pinches for his work on the Marlin firmware and Da Hai for the instructional videos. The hours of work you have poured into creating these, artworks within themselves, have enabled me to pursue many hours of enjoyment on my own journey. I could not have done this without the groundwork everyone in the community has laid before me.

    It has been a week since receiving my A5, and I have enjoyed my time tinkering greatly. 

    My background is in forestry and natural resource management; about as far as one can be from 3D printing and design. This last week has been spent setting up my A5, and in this regard, I have made great strides in improving the quality of my prints. Sadly, I have run into a roadblock. With so many values and features playing a role in every printing, I hope that the people of this forum can provide some insight into my issues.

    So...Hello everyone and thank you in advance for the warm welcomes.


    P.S. I am just about to post an article on my current situation... I could use some help ironing out a few bugs.
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    Thanks heaps @GoreWolf! And a warm welcome to the forum too!
  • Hi from France. My name is Philippe.
    I just received a JGAurora A5X which is a printer that looks like the Creality Cr10S with some small subtle differences.
    I also have a Prusa I3 Steel (P3STEEL).

    Thank you for this forum.
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    Welcome @Philippe Rodier - I'd be interested to hear your take on the A5X once you've had some time with it! :smile:

  • Thank you @Samuel Pinches. I would make a small user back when I would have taken over the beast !
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    I'm new here, I'm also from France (Bonjour Philippe Rodier : peut-être une connaissance sur un autre forum franchouillard xfifi...?) and I'm looking to buy a A5X... but it's difficult to find resources. Because I like the motherboard (MKS GEN L V1.0) and the screen (MKS TFT2.8"). And aslo because I will probably updated this printer with TMC2208 drives and a BLTouch. For sure at the end of the month I'm going to buy a 3D printer (Probably this JGAurora A5X).
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    Hello every body
    New on this forum so a quick introduction of myself
    I am 48 years old, i live in FRANCE (en Vendée pour les Frenchy)
    i am keen on electronic, 3d printing, and motorbike.
    I start 3D printing 2 years ago with a ANET A8 as most of you i suppose
    This printer was eavily modded during the time and it was a good experience for my first steps in 3D printnig and  It still work very well.
    8 month ago i start to looking for a new printer and after watching some video of 3DMN, Da Hai, and Samuel about the A5, i decided to order one on Gearbest
    After 6 month in can tell The A5 is a good printer afterall.
    A lot of good points and of course some not so good.

    Very good build quality (no plastic parts on min)
    Board MKS type with removable  stepper drivers
    Control embedded (No control box)
    "Clean" looking, no wire everywere

    Packing (Mine arrived with a broken  Z coupler)
    No very easy to maintain
    Stiffness of the Z gantry (less than what we can find on a CR10 or a Tevo tornado and other clones by far)

    So see you soon of the forum
    Cheers ;)
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    Welcome @RoLL! Great to have you onboard. I agree 100% with your evaluation.
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    Hi Sam!

    Newb here. Got some previous experience wit hAnycubic i3 and found my way round ok. Upgraded to This beauty (A5) last week and so far all is well. Hoping you may be able to help me out with a few Cura issues though? My anycubic, I used 2.5 and went with pretty much default settings. Things were ok and although some print times were longer than expected, got used to it all. 

    Gone up to 3.5 and the story aint quite the same with the A5. Im new to all this settings stuff and dont really know what I am doing. The main problem at the moment is that the support structures (which came off real easy before) are more difficult to remove and in some cases are damaging the model.

    Any top advice on the best settings to go with to combat this? The printer itself is fine and levelled ok. Quality is great from the test models.

    Thanks in advance and glad to be here!

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    Welcome @Dave Price  - I'm sure we can help you. I did see your thread, I'll reply in there.

    P.S @StephR ; - welcome, sorry I missed your message! The A5X has stopped being manufactured by JGAurora, so you're lucky if you did manage to get one before then.
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    my name is André, 49 years old from Germany. I am a civil engineer (Streets/bridges in administration). I have a lot of hobbys (Dancing, electronics, home automatisation, fischertechnik...) and started 3d printing only recently (easter 2018).

    My first printer was the fischtechnik printer. This decision was made, as I use fischertechnik is one of my hobbys anyway and I was unsure if I want to start an new hobby like 3d printing. The parts of the fischertechnik are compatible to the other fischertechnik components, so no loss, if I had decided against the new hobby.
    The fischertechnik 3d printer worked well (of course not as precise as a "real" 3d printer) and I got the "3d printing virus".

    So I ordered the best rated 3d printer below 1k€: Prusa i3 mk3 (Kit). At that time 3 months preordering; spring steel PEI coated not available. To much time to wait: I also got an geeetech i3 clone.

    The geeetech i3 was a mess. Z-wobble, clocking... But it was good for learning much:
    Flexible couplers are bad, rigid ones are more precise. But best are integated leadscrews. Cooling the coldend propperly is very important. Full metal hotends are good - but there is too much friction printing PLA using cheep ones- use a original e3d heatbreak or (even better) a microswiss one. Rigidity of a printer can not bei overrated: Acrilic is bad. I learned much about bearings (nowerdays printing my own with igus-filament).
    The only left from the geeetech are 3 Stepper motors. I changed nearly anything. Its a p3steel now, with prusa mk3-style heatbed. With all its modifications as expensive as the original mk3. But with many fun in learning about constructing 3d printers.

    As I ordered many parts from china, waiting for delivery, I also bought a Tronxy X5 - work in progress, as it tents to layer shifting. I will rework it to an corexy.

    As the original Prusa arived in july, I mostly use it. Only slight modifikations there (new feet, Ruby nozzle, Tube guided filament path to get filament directly out of Ikea samla boxes, avoiding moisture). Its a very reliable printer - and I will not make major modifikations (except adding MMU2 I got last week).

    2 days ago I ordered the JGAurora A5. I like the build volume. Of course I will make modifikations on it, as soon as it arives. I already ordered the parts I need (some I already have from other projects).

    Folowing mods are planed:
    1. Changing z-Axis to stepper motors with integreated leadscrews (I already have them).
    2. Changing Extruder to Bondtech BMG (cloned: "Dual Drive BMG" in AliExpress).
    3. Changing Heatblock/Nozzle (Volcano, 0.6mm)
    4. ABL with BL-Touch
    5. Changing Controller to Duet Ethernet (cloned AliExpress 11-11 deal 77€, ordered). Display: old Fire 7 Tablet 5.Gen with cyanogenmod.
    6. Heatbed: Integration of 16 samarium-cobald magnets, 304*304mm PEI powder coated spring steel (via eBay from canadian manufacturer)

    Posible further mods:
    7. Changing heatbed to 5mm thick aluminium plate with AC heater. Changing bed carriage with makerbeam 1cm profiles to a tripoint leveling (as 1 Point not reachable only 2 Points are to be adjusted)

    The Goal: 3 reliable printers:

    A. The modified JGAurora for big objects with 0.6 nozzle size - mostly for printing cases for electronic projects or other big objects

    B. The original Prusa i3 mk3 with Ruby Nozzle 0.4 and MMU2. The "workhourse" for most materials and multicolour prints.

    C. The p3steel with 0.25 (or less) nozzle, for small objects (objects with letters or detailed logos)

    Of course, beside theese 3 Printers, I will continue to experiment with other printers - the tronxy x5 rework to a corexy, a selfmade frame with 4040 double-nut extrusions for a ultimaker-style printer (planed Volume 360*360*400mm³), a fischertechnik Delta printer... And also a anycubic photon (have it since 3 months ago) waiting for unboxing. But to find enough time is a problem for all theese projects...
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    Welcome @Andre !
    Thanks for sharing your journey! My experience with a Geeetech G2S was similar - combination of 3D printed and acrylic parts made for a worse print quality than a blindfolded person holding a glue gun! :lol:

    Do you have any photos of the results from your fischer printer? I think it would be cool to see some photos perhaps in a new thread :smile:

    It sounds like you have the 3D virus for sure! :wink: I also agree... one printer is not enough! hehehe.... but you are right, every printer was made by its designer with some goals in mind, since"one-size-fits-all" always ends up with excessive compromises.

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    Sadly I didn't made pictures from Fischertechnik prints. I did only a few prints before removing the extruder to use it in the geeetech and havent reasambled it now. But I think I reassamble it at midwinter; I'll make pictures than.

    I choose the JGAurora mostly because of the pricepoint. Long term it will be replaced by my 4040 extrusions construction. But I think, that will take a year or longer to get ready.
    Prusa/Mendel style ist an compromise from a time where aluminum extrusions have been more expensive - and other styles also have been protected by patents. I do not understand, why most Chinese printers use that style - expacily then making big volume printers. You have to print slow to avoid ringing and ghosting due to the  permantly moving heavy bed. Any cube-style printer is much easier to scale. 

    So I am no big fan of Prusa/Mendelstyle. But to develop reliable printers in cube-style (h, corexy, ultimaker style, transform3r...) I need reliable printers to make the parts... An hen-egg problem.

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    Hi all, names Paul from South West UK. Thanks for the add. First fail by starting a new discussion instead of posting here :-)
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    Welcome Paul :smiley:
  • RichardRichard Posts: 16Member
    New to 3d printing myself. Just received the A8S. So far has been working good. Trying to get familiar with all the slicer settings, (Simplify3D) and fusion360. Quality of the A8S seems ok. Certain things could have been refined, but hey. The support community for this printer just doesn’t seem to exist. Glad I found this forum though. Hopefully more info will be available soon. Good job on the forum! Thanks 
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    Welcome @Richard ! Excited to have an JGAurora A8S owner here - hopefully we can find a few more users soon! If you have time, I would love to hear some more details about your experience with the A8S in the Professional Printer section! :smiley: 

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    Hi all, my name is Alex and I'm new in this 3D printing world as a personal user. I just ordered my first printer and I chose the A5S few days ago and still waiting for it. Normally this weekend I will print my first objects. 

    Thank you for the forum and the wiki it's very helpful, congrats for all this job @Samuel Pinches


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    Thank you @aestrems , and a warm welcome to you 😉
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    Dai Stiho, I'm Beata from Oregon. I am of the mink persuasion, Recently arrived at my own printer, an A5, after years of running an Ultimaker Original at the local maker space. Chose this printer in part due to this forum. A5 specifically due to the RAMPS-based board. Thankful to have a version with socketed drivers, but currently too busy printing to upgrade. I'm an apartment dweller, thankful even at stock it wasn't very noisy. I plan to upgrade with TMC2208 drivers on X and Y.

    Barely two months into ownership and already have added cosmetic damage to the print bed whilst doing various tunings.

    I run with a 0.2mm nozzle. I make parts for models. I have 1 roll of natural and 1 of glow-in-the-dark. The small nozzle and the gyroid infill conspire to generate prints which are very good at light diffusion.
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    Welcome @beata ! :smile:

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    Mein Name ist Arno,  bin 48 Jahre, und komme aus Deutschland. 
    Ich bin seit Dezember 2018 Besitzer eines JG AURORA A5.
    Ich bin durch You Tube auf diese Gruppe (Samuel) aufmerksam geworden, und hoffe das ich hier ein paar Tipps für das gute Arbeiten mit meinem Drucker finde. 
    Gruss Arno

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    Hallo @Arno !
    Willkommen in der Gruppe! Ich frage mich manchmal ... vielleicht sollte ich die Sprache im Forum standardmäßig auf Deutsch ändern. Es gibt viele deutsche Mitglieder!
    Ich hoffe, Sie können ein paar Tipps und lustige Dinge zum Ausprobieren finden.

    Hellow Arno,
    Welcome to the group! I sometimes wonder... perhaps I should change the language on the forum to german by default.... there are a lot of German members! I hope you can find some tips and fun things to try.

    Cool upgrades to print:

    Cooling ducts to print:

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    Hello everyone, my name is Roberto and I'm Italian. I have a bad english, but I will try to make myself understood ;)
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