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Newbie here - looking for suggestions and improvements

Hi guys,

i have a new JGAurora A5, i'm at my 4th-5th print, i'm quite satisfied so far but i'm getting greed about my print quality :)

Tonight i printed this bakercube: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2676324

Those my results,

It seems that sometimes the printer produces gaps between layers, they are infrequent so it could be a temporary under extrusion problem due to bad quality of the filament or some kind of problem in the extruder (dirty?).

I've read the wiki (thanks guys!) and i did the following:
- decent bed leveling (no mesh leveling)
- downloaded the profile in the wiki to setup CURA
- i did NOT update the firmware yet
- Extruder temperature 210C° - bed 60C°- infill 30%

Do you need other information?
What do yoy guys think about the overall quality?
How can i avoid those gaps in my prints?



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