Money Cat from USB fine, but nothing else sticks to bed

Given the supplied files generally work (and I have several cats now), but models I produce from Cura fail - generally not sticking to the bed - is my best bet to compare the GCode between the cat sample and the gcode I am producing?  I presume the top section of the gcode is the most relevant for my problems.  Advice gratefully received!


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    Please have a look at the suggestions on the FAQ page:
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    I recently got my first printer and had the same issue.  What I found out was that I had the wrong filament size (compatible diameter material) set in the printer nozzle settings in Cura.  The filament size was set to large, so it was not extruding enough filament. 
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    Recently I had trouble with Cura 3.5 filament diameter. I had "under extrusion" behavior.  Cura used diameter from material definition (I guess), and just ignored machine settings (In my case I have 1.75).  Only setting diameter from the right bar manually to 1.75 solved this issue for me. I don't know is this a bug or just lack of lucky.
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