A5 Gets Smarter!

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Silence Your JGAurora A5 3D Printer! - Part 2, Enabling SPI

Video Out Soon!
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    And it out!

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    Very smart haha...
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    Is it possible to upgrade to the FySetc TMC2130 v1.0 Stepper Drivers and run in Stealthchop mode without altering the OEM firmware and just physically inverting X and Y directions by swapping the wiring around or does the firmware control something else ?
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    @manny Short answer - yes you can.  But may I ask why you’re not using the custom community firmware? :smile:
  • mannymanny Posts: 4Member
    The reason for changing the drivers was to quieten down the A5's operation.
    I plan to switch to the community firmware in due course but I don't like making multiple changes at the same time as I'd have no reference for each change.
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    It’s just that then you’d have to rewire it back later on... you could just configure the custom firmware to use the same printing settings (max speed, acceleration, steps per mm) as for the oem firmware, as a small stepping stone.
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  • mannymanny Posts: 4Member
    I would have thought rewiring again for the custom firmware would no longer be necessary as the direction settings would no longer need to be inverted in the custom firmware for the 2130.
    All hypothetical as I don't know how to rewire the hardware to invert the direction at this point in time.
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,689Administrator
    Ah, I see where you're going with that. Yes, that does make more sense... and yes, you would not need to change them twice in that case, it would just prevent you from using the A4988 again with the factory firmware, making it harder to revert to stock (if there ever was a reason for that). Even so, I think I'd still recommend doing the custom firmware first, before the TMC upgrade, especially if you plan on using the SPI communication on the 2130. Getting familiar with marlin and its configuration files is worthwhile, even if your first step is to change all the settings back to match the factory firmware.
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