CAD model of the hot-end

Hi - I'm new here (been lurking around for a little while), but am not new to 3D-printing.  Just recently added an A5 to my collection of printers, and am slowly working towards getting it to put out the quality of prints that I expect from my machines.  The biggest issue I have with it right now is the abysmal stock part-cooling setup - I've already replaced the cooling nozzle with a BlowHard 3000 off thingiverse, and will be printing a new fan shroud to mount a 5015 blower fan on it later tonight. 

These help, but I think I can do better than the models currently on thingiverse.  And I was hoping to get a bit of a head-start on the project by finding an accurate CAD model of the hot-end that I could then build my model around.  If anyone has one that they'd be willing to share, it would be greatly appreciated.  And rest assured that any parts I design will be made freely available under an open-source, non-commercial license.

For reference, this is the part I'm looking for a model of:



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