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E3D silicone “sock” for the heatblock

Hi A5 owners,

I would like to know if the E3D silicone socks that are designed to go around the heatblock/nozzle will fit on the stock A5 heatblock. I know it is similar to the E3D design but I'm not sure they will fit properly.



  • Enrique RiriEnrique Riri 🌟 Super Member 🌟 Posts: 35
    Yes, no PB. I used them on my  A5 printer. Standard ones
    Thanked by 2RomainD chilman408
  • chilman408chilman408 Member Posts: 5
    Can you point me to the exact silicone sock to buy?  

    I just bought a set of standard ones from Amazon and they don't exactly fit....afraid it will fall off mid-print....
  • ProkktorProkktor 🌟 Super Member 🌟 Posts: 146
    I bought diffferent socks and they neither held very good nor where they as effective as i thought.

    I then switched to cotton strips and kapton tape, that works way better for me.
  • WerewolfWerewolf Member Posts: 13
    My silicon case was taken here: 
    It matched with A5 heatblock OK, For better fixation i use self-made clip. Also central hole for extruder was extended

  • chilman408chilman408 Member Posts: 5
    thanks, this makes sense, as I cannot find one that fits perfect
  • Der_MuckDer_Muck 🌟 Super Member 🌟 Posts: 178
    Ofcause because these are made for the E3D heatblocks and they are 3mm lager than our JG heads.
    I also used a clamp to secure those silicon isolators.
  • WerewolfWerewolf Member Posts: 13
    E3D Headblocks can be different.
    For our printer black silicone case has right size.
    Blue case has large size.
    But even case with right size is better to fix with clamp.
    So be careful when purchase these case on Ali.

    Thanked by 1Samuel Pinches
  • Der_MuckDer_Muck 🌟 Super Member 🌟 Posts: 178
    Its also a problem when you mount the nozzle little to low, than the nozzle is pressing to much on the silicon sock.
    For me, the V6 sock (I am using a copper e3d head) fits but sometimes the silicone sock is taking some filament on it and cause some strings.
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