extruder motor moving back and forth

The extruder motor on my new a3 moves in very small amounts back and forth and will not move filament.  I've been told (and read) that this is probably the controller or cable.  I have hooked up the controller with the extruder to another motor and all seems fine. 


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,392Administrator
    Hi and welcome @kenneth_schreiber:) 

    It can also be insufficient power from the extruder motor. You can tune the stepper driver and see if this resolves it. I know the following article is for the A5, but I would suggest having a read for some more info on what I'm suggesting.
  • ChamblisChamblis Posts: 3Member
    Printing backward:
    Attached is a picture of results. I highlighted the word "Elise". It prints exactly backward.The bed is shown in the position when "Home" is pressed.
    I have also attached the board connections, as well as the X-stepper connection.

    Using Cura 3.6.0
    First photo from the top of the Aurora.

    Thanks for any help;

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