Printing is automatically paused - need HELP!

Hello. My son purchased his first 3d printer, the JGAurora A5 and for the first two weeks, things have been great (thanks to the hints and suggestions from this wiki).

However, for the past two days, the printer is pausing in the middle of a printer automatically followed by 4 or 5 loud beeps BUT NO ERROR MESSAGE on screen. That seems odd that we are getting the beeps but nor message.

Does this sound like a known issue to anyone? I'm attaching a few videos to illustrate our issue:

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Temperatures and Fan Speed:
Thank you for any help and guidance you can provide.
- Oliver-


  • Oliver WallerOliver Waller Posts: 3Member
    Just checked and the number of beeps is 5.
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,917Administrator
    Hi Oliver,
    Firstly, welcome! :smile:

    Could this be the filament out sensor is playing up intermittently and the LCD is not responding to it correctly? Have you tried unplugging the filament sensor?

  • Oliver WallerOliver Waller Posts: 3Member
    Hi Sam.

    Thank you very much for the suggestions and link to the filament sensor post. It sounds exactly what our issue is.

    At first look at the connector, it appears we have the newer version DaHai referenced which has the connector pins hot glued to the board. The connection looks a little weak, kind of like the glued was heated up by printer use and shifted a little. We'll play around with it and see what happens and report back.

    Again thanks for your help.

    Here is a picture of the connector:

  • wolph42wolph42 Posts: 29Member
    I had the same problem, in my case the filament sensor (which basically is a homing sensor) was bent so it didn't connect when the filament was pulled. I just put a piece of paper in it so it always connects.  A better way is to open it up and bend it back. 
  • hverhver Posts: 1Member
    @wolph42 ; Can you explain in more detail what you did (mechanically)? How would you open the sensor? 
    In my case the filament out detection only becomes active when I use (flexible) TPE. I had to pull the connector to be able to print TPE without constant interruptions. Other materials PLA and PETG work fine. I would prefer keeping the sensor connected, but don't know how to go about 'adjusting' the sensor.
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