Extruder clicking noise at retracts and when changing filament

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I get a clicking/grinding noise when retracting, and especially when changing filament ("long retract". 
It sounds as if it is grinding, but it isn't. The filament moves perfectly back and forth with the extruder, so no problems, just an annoying sound. 
Anyone know what's making it? Is my bowden tube too far in?

I followed this on the wiki, but unfortunately it didn't help... If anything it got worse.
Can upload a video if necessary. 


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    Try lubricate the filament with a small amount of canola oil, see if that helps reduce the noise.
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    I remember a thread where it was recommended to block/fix the release collar of the bowden coupler mounted on the filament extruder mechanism. Its possible to fix it with a small zip-tie preventing from pulling the release collar into the coupler during retraction. This mostly prevents the clicking noise, it did on my machine at least.

    I searched for the thread: AETEK provided https://jgaurorawiki.com/a5/silence-the-bowden-extruder-coupler-while-retracting
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    @seafian - its a good tip, but that is the one that @DIYglenn said he tried in his first post unfortunately!
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    Oh - didn't notice that in the first post - sorry 
  • I believe the noise you hear are the "teeth" pressed in to the filament by the extruder when they go over the ball bearing on the filament run out sensor during retraction. I am tempted to just remove the run out sensor to get rid of this noise. I just got my printer today and that noise is already annoying me. 
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