Change filament mid print

Hi all,

I got my A5 few weeks ago, this is my second printer and I was used to change filament mid print with the cura plugin change filament at Height v3.3,

On my previous printer ("R.I.P." duplicator I3) the script allow the following sequence :
- stop the print at the desired height/layer,
- park the print head at a desired position,
- cool down the extruder to stand by until the user take action
- User allow it to heating up again to change filament
- Print resumes where it was flawlessly

When I use the same Gcode on the A5 or make a dedicated new one, the printer resumes the print on itself.
The step "Cool down the extruder to stand by until the user take action " is ignored so it resumes print right after the parking suceed, 
so I have to be around and very responsive if I want to change my filament accordingly...

I tried all the settings available and I think they are irrelevant for the A5 firmware.

Is there something I'am missing?
Is anyone succeed to program such sequence on the A5 with this plugin or an alternative?
Since the A5 allow to change filament when the user want,
Is there any plugin that effectively pause a print and cool the nozzle down waiting for the user to resume it?

Thank for your help.

Slicer : Cura v3.4.1
Plugin/script : Change filament at Height v3.3
Printer : JGA5 v3.0.2


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,917Administrator
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    The LCD on the A5 does not behave like the LCD that this plugin was designed to work with. You need to replace the MKS LCD on the A5 with a standard marlin-compatible LCD if you wish to perform this kind of trick using that plugin.

    The other option is not easy, but it is not impossible either, and takes more manual work:
    use the plug to create your gcode file. Then open up the file and split it into two files. Once the first file has finished printing, you can change the filament, and then choose to print the second file. This will take some work to understand how the start and end gcode work, but it is possible to do it this way with the stock MKS LCD.
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  • DaHaiDaHai Posts: 36🌟 Super Member 🌟
    YAO, is install OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi and print/control through that. The Web interface will pause the print as expected and allow you to click on 'Resume' after you've changed the filament. Caveats are: your filament out sensor is bypassed as is resume on power loss.
  • Mathieu Grumplefix EvainMathieu Grumplefix Evain Posts: 7Member
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    Thank you Samuel Pinches and DaHai .

    Samuel, can you guide on which LCD is compatible and where I can find one? 
    How difficult is the replacing process?

    Tanks again

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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,917Administrator
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    Here’s an example - this lcd in particular is made by the same manufacturer as the motherboard, so it is definitely compatible.

    Basically you have to open up the case, unplug the normal LCD display, and then plug the new LCD in. Then the LCD will sit outside the case with cables going towards the inside.

    If your LCD doesn’t work straight away, there are some straightforward firmware configuration changes that may be required, and we can help you with those here.

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