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Hey. Today I wanted to print something but unfortunately I was forced to finish printing. When the table and extruder warmed up, printing started, you could hear the terrible sounds coming from the printer. I stopped printing. I noticed that the head is drawing on the table. The entire Z axis was crooked. After a quick analysis, I can say that it may be the fault of the clutch that has been damaged, I do not know how and when. But I'm not sure. That's why I write here and add two pictures of the right and left Z-axis couplings. It's evident that they differ in appearance, one is stretched, which causes the entire Z-axis to tilt in one direction. Please look at the pictures and confirm or deny my diagnosis. I'd rather make sure before I order the parts and start disassembling the printer.
Thanks in advance for your help


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    Yes, that definitely looks stretched to me. This generally happens during shipping. I have linked a spare motor coupler on the spare parts page on the wiki.
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    And one more question about the size of the clutch. The rods are 8mm (I think) and the motor axis? 5mm? What exactly to buy a clutch? Is it better to start and check yourself?
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    yep, 5mm to 8mm couplers.

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    thanks, i will order it. When replace i post if printer working fine again
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    Ordered couplers: flexible and hard. I decided to change both old couplers to new one HARD. Non flexible, because... dont want have the same problem again. And.. after changing, and setup all, PRINTER is WORKING now again without problem. :)

    I dont know why couple stretched, and searching why.

    And FOUND!

    One trapezoidal screw is bent. When I used the upper bolt lock, it turned out that the bending of the rod was so large that the clutch was destroyed. I am currently at the stage of searching for and purchasing new trapezoidal screws.
    I have a question, what exactly are the parameters of our trapezoidal screws? The diameter is known to be 8mm, but the thread pitch? Any information on this subject? 
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    • The lead screws are 8mm outer diameter, 2mm pitch, and 4mm lead.

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    What is the length of the threaded rod itself for the A5? I couldn’t find anything online.
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    The length on the threaded rod is 400mm
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