Loose x-axis coupling and other annoyances

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I've noticed to things that may be problems on my A5:
- x-axis loose coupling. The extruder is locked on X-Axis between two (sorts of) spacers. I've noticed a slight movement of the extruder along the X-Axis between these spacers. About 1mm. It doesn't seem to be something normal for me... Have a look at this video to appreciate: (sec. 8, 9 and 14)
- the "cable organizer" on top of the extruder which contains both electric wires and the filament guide doesn't slide as expect the the extruder goes up. In fact, it blocks the extruder ascension because of not being properly guided. Am I the only one facing this problem? Any solution? I was thinking of a kind of long spring above the printer to help it go where it should...

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  • deliriidelirii Posts: 11Member
    Yesterday, I've tried to tension the X-Axis belt. That's how I've understood my x-axis isn't loose as suspected as the important piece that need to be precise isn't the linear bearing but the support.
    So, forget my question about this.

    But, I still wonder how to improve the cable organizer movement in order to avoid any blocking situation.
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