A5 won’t implement mesh the previous level

Hi guys. 

I have an a5 and have loaded custom firmware on it. I had the printer for a few months but the last month it was taken apart and left. I put it back together yesterday and everything is working fine and I did a mesh level like normally and went to print and the nozzle was pushed into the bed. I releveled it hit save and then preformed the level again and noticed it was not using the previous level. I connected to my pc and checked the in with a G29 S0 and it has measurements but it won’t implement when I go to print. Please help


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    Hi @Simon - welcome!

    You need to enter command M420 S1 to enable the mesh. You can put this command in your start gcode. Just note that it must be after the G28 command as G28 will disable the mesh.
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    That makes a lot of sense, since I pulled it all apart I reinstalled curs and lost my code scripts so it’s just working on the standard home at the start. Thanks heaps
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