Flashing new bootloader

Hello. I had some problems with my a5 which resulted with me getting a new mainboard. I need to flash a bootloader to the new board so that I can put the firmware on it. I have an arduino uno to flash the bootloader and I would like to make sure that I'm connecting it correctly to the mainboard before I attempt to flash it. I'm new to 3d printing so any help is greatly appreciated!
uno pin 11 to mainboard d51 aux3 (MOSI)
uno pin 12 to mainboard d50 aux3 (MISO)
uno pin 13 to mainboard d52 aux3 (SCK)
uno pin 10 to mainboard RST exp2
uno 5v to mainboard 5v at aux3
uno gnd to mainboard gnd at aux3


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,917Administrator
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    Don't bother with the arduino boatloader sketch... its flakey and frustrating as anything. Please use this awesome arduino bootloader flasher by Nick Gammon.

    All your pins on the MKS Gen L should be connected to the ICSP port (see first image below).

    1. Connect pin 10 on the uno to the RST on the MKS Gen L ICSP port (see image #2 for pinout)
    2. Connect MISO, MOSI, SCK, VCC, GND to the matching pins on both MKS ICSP and uno ICSP headers.
    3. Flash the bootloader sketch.
    4. Open the arduino serial monitor.
    5. You may need to choose the correct baud rate to see text correctly.
    6. Follow the prompts in the serial monitor.

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  • 1980ace1980ace Posts: 7Member
    Awesome, thank you very much Samuel
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,917Administrator
    No worries, please do let us know how you go!
  • 1980ace1980ace Posts: 7Member
    I got the bootloader and the community marlin firmware flashed to the new motherboard. I just received a couple tmc2130 v1.1 drivers that I was waiting on. I went to tune the 2 new drivers and they only go up to .31v. These v1.1 drivers I have on the x and y axis. I have two v1.0 on the z and extruder. The v1.0 I got up to recommended voltage just fine. But these v1.1 don't go up that high. Any ideas?
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,917Administrator
    Sorry no, that’s odd !
  • WerewolfWerewolf Posts: 27Member
    1980ace, you should check some points:
    1. Defaultly, TMC2130 v1.1 setuped to SPI mode by soldered jumpers. It can be different from your already installed v1.0
    2. Voltage adjustment should perform with printer power on
  • 1980ace1980ace Posts: 7Member
    I did check with the power on, I placed the positive lead in the hole furthest from the potentiometer and the ground on the usb housing. I have v1.0 drivers on z and extruder that read out fine on the voltage. But these v1.1 drivers on my x and y only adjust from 0 to .31v. Here's the v1.1 drivers that I bought. This is even the 2nd pair because I thought I may have broke the potentiometer because the first set I must have turned too much and they keep spinning.
  • WerewolfWerewolf Posts: 27Member
    1980ace, some people disconnect stepper motors from board before start voltage adjustment. May be it will be helpful. But i have the original TMC2130 v1.1 drivers, boards looks different from your (white boart and black and blue pin heads connectors).
    And did you remove all jumpers from mainboard under SM drivers nests?
  • 1980ace1980ace Posts: 7Member
    yep removed all 3 jumpers from each 
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