Ugly prints, stringing, bad walls, bad top layers

I'm having a few issues with my new JGAurora A5. The main thing being that the prints are just ugly. The side walls are not smooth, there is a lot of stringing, and the top 2 layers are rough. All types of filament seem to have the issue. I've done PETG, PLA, and ABS on it so far.

I've tried quite a few things over the last month. WhatI have done so far:
  • Adjusting settings on many different slicers (Repetier with cura, JGCreate with cura, Craftware)
  • Flashed the firmware to 1.18 (I did 1.19 but that wasn't better)
  • Changed out the nozzle to the one that came with it
  • Adjusted my first layer to be as high as possible and still stick to the bed
  • Many more adjustments on slicing settings
So far my best results are still not half as good as my Anet A8, and they are with the same setup I use on the Anet A8, from Repetier using cura to slice, with the settings I've developed over the last year with the A8.

I think my next step is to tune my drivers...? But if there are other things I can try first, I wan to, before tearing things apart.

Thanks to anyone with an idea of what I could do to improve the quality of this printer.


  • MakeCentsMakeCents Posts: 3Member
    My infill is very bad also, as if it is not putting out enough plastic. I've adjusted my flow, and slowed the print way down, but nothing seems to resolve the issue completely. 
  • Flo1988Flo1988 Posts: 2Member
    Habe das Problem auch habe nur Punktuell das Filament auf dem Druckbett und keine sauberen Linien oder schichten. Finde aber das Problem auch nicht was es ein könnte

  • MakeCentsMakeCents Posts: 3Member
    Good first layer. As it prints you can hear it hit itself. I raised the heat and I lowered the flow to about 90 and it actually improved, except for the infill, which got worse. It seems to me there may be something not right with the extruder stepper or driver...?
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