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Newbe here, input please


i am  New to 3d Printing,
and  got me  an A5, ...

I did   try to find my settings;  with Lots of reading  and some  Internet Pages mixed together i found  some  Cura settings that seem to work  the Out of  the stick version did not - 
the  alu extrusion rods for the enclosure are not even ordered yet ;)

The  pictures show the test  Thingy i found  here in an other threat ( i think  the 7. thing i ever printed  and the  third that worked ;),
And now i am on the  hunt for the perfect settings

what i  Got, and  you also see some of the problems  - I would love   some  input,  of people  that know  what they are doing as i am kind of  fumbling in the dark here  i am still on  my Trial PLA roll 

Sorry for my crappy English, i am not nativ ,)

Best regards 

Machine settings 
xyz 305, 305, 320
plate rectangular
Heated bead 
G code flavor Marlin

Head settings xy min 20, 10
Head settings xy max 10, 10
Gantry Hight 999999 mm

the changed cura settings i  mixed together
Layer Height 0.3
initial Layer Height 0,27
Default build plate temperature 60
Build plate temp 67
Build plate temperature Initial Layer 67
Combing mode Noskin
Generate Support False
Build plate adhesion type skirt

Extruder 1
Layer height 0,2 
Infill Density 10%
Default Printing Temperature 220
Printing  Temperature Calculated
Printing  Temperature Initial layier Calculated
Initial Printing temperature  205
Retraction Distance 10
 retraction speed 60
Print speed 40
Infill speed 60
initial layer speed 15.0
Fan speed  50.0
Regular fan speed at layer   Calculated
Build plate adhesion
Skirt Line count 2 
Skirt distance 10
Brim width 10
Enable coasting True



  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Administrator Posts: 957
    Hi @Eye, welcome :smiley:
    Generally I would print with 0.2mm layers or less. 0.15 is a good height to aim for :) 0.3mm is more helpful if you want to do large prints, very quickly. 
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Administrator Posts: 957
    By the way, those prints look like a great start!! Well done!
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