JGAurora support seems to be working!

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In August my hotbed plug was fried after 2 weeks of happy printing. Dropped e-mail to JGAurora using e-mail from their site - got no response. Tried to request replacement via Gearbest and failed (after 3 or 4 days of mailing they requested printer disassembly, hotbed sensor plugging to hotend socket and other actions as if video of fried contact pad is not enough).  It was hard period for me due to personal reasons so I abandoned this particular quest. Disconnected the plug, turned hotbed off in settings and continued printing.
Then on forum someone mentioned that they contacted JGAurora using contacts from contact section here

and I tried it yesterday. First mail was answered in 40 minutes, they requested shipping detail and machine serial. Today I got shipping confirmation. Very impressed - never expected such fast and problem-free service.
Thank you guys for great site, it really helped.

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    That's really great to hear! I've had a very good experience with them too, thanks for sharing!
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    JGAurora do have very good support, I usually contact them via skype which is live support as long as you contact them during the business hour in China. If the problem you are having can't be solved by the tech person they will bring on a engineer you can continue the discussion with the engineer live via skype chat and get your problem solve. 

    I have an issue on the A5S on day one,  the engineer came on the chat and send me a new firmware like in 20 minutes and the firmware solve the problem, and  he even change the hot bed preheat limit from 105 to 110 for me (the default setting is 105) how cool is that. 
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