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Desapointed with new version A5S

Enrique RiriEnrique Riri 🌟 Super Member 🌟 Posts: 36
edited November 2018 in Modifications & Upgrades
Hi all. I was very excited and happy with the annoucement of this new printer A5S…. But….
I will definitively stay with my regular A5.

I just see Economy everywhere in production than benefits.
You cannot make any improvements with A5S and A1 of course = new closed electronics, proprietary.

- No Mesh Leveling
- No Alternative firmware for fine tuning
- No Drivers replacement
- No Meanwell PSU as expected and claimed on datasheet
- Proprietary motherboard and LCD
- No sources available
- SD only

- ? I do not see.

Pricing difference makes non sense= Pay +++ to get ----.

After 1 Week use, I will return it. Doesn't match reading everywhere updated version…
Downgraded version is the real word to use.

I compared the printed things between customized A5 and A5S and the quality is exactly the same.
A5S more Noisy than A5 with TMC.

I pushed my A5 customized printers to extrem limits, printing 24h24 since September, and this model A5 is simply excellent; thanks to community for all shared tips and tricks to improve the quality and performance.

Some minor issues I had :smile: 
- nozzle to be replaced with steel one, thanks to carbon filament. ($8/10pcs) 
- motherboard ($14/Aliexpress) (my fault when replacing drivers)
- ribbon cable between LCD and mother board ($2)

So maintenance costs are acceptable and cheap.
But this is just my opinion.

I think this printer A5S is more for students who just needs to push a button and let's print B).
But I'm affraid with spares costs $$$$$ 

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