Cura 3.6.0 on my impressed

Im happy with Cura 3.6.0 on my A5, its realy good.

I was printing since 3 years with my Prusa i3 pro, but now, its a new aera with JGAURORA A5.

Just copy the Printer settings to the new Cura folder and i have set the following:

Layer Height               0.2

Initial Layer Height     0.2

Wall Thickness           1.0

Top/Bottom Thickness 1.0

Infill Overlap Perc.     15 %

Skin Overlap Perc.      8 %

Print Temp (PLA)     190

Print Temp initial L   220

Plate Temp                60

Plate Temp initial L   80

Flow                          90

Initial Layer Flow     110

Retraction Dist.         8.5

Retraction Speed     55

Print Speed              70

Infill Speed              70

Outer Wall Speed   40

Inner Wall Speed    70

Travel Speed        120

Initial Layer Speed 30

Z Hop Height          1

Build Plate Adhesion Type:  Skirt

Thats all folks.

The PLA is From Lazada

I think it is good like  "ESUN", i see no difference on my prints, i use both.

Have fun with JGAURORA A5.


  • rhaub101rhaub101 Posts: 85🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Thanks Auswanderer. I’m going to try your setting verbatim but I can’t find Z Hop Height in cura. Ideas?
  • AuswandererAuswanderer Posts: 8Member
    Look in settings at end of travel section.
  • rhaub101rhaub101 Posts: 85🌟 Super Member 🌟
    edited November 2018
    Got it, thanks
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  • sasasasa Posts: 36🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Works fine, resolved first layer problem for me. Thanks.
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