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Hi. I've seen that there's a page with links to spare parts' sites, which are almost scarce in items... I would like to know which is the timing pulley of the x-axis belt and the carriage linear bearings.


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    I don't know which timing pulley it is... normally if you count the number of teeth, and measure the diameter it won't be hard to find a replacement on ebay.

    The X-axis carriage use 8mm rods, so the bearings you need are LM8UU (short one) and LM8LUU (long one).

    I've got a full bearing set I organised on the "starter pack" page on the wiki:

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    Hi Sam. The problem is that in ordert to see what it is I should remove it from the z-stepper's carriage: whilst it is in place, there is no apparent way to ascertain what kind it is (that's why I asked: apparently it even looks toothless!). I needed to know it to adapt the double nozzled variant to the existing system.
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