A5 even more problems now with community firmware?

So originally my printer head was +-10C in terms of accuracy. I read that the community firmware would help. So i upgraded, and now it's 30C less than what is being reported. I have it set to 210C and it is registering as 180C with my laser thermometer.  So I try to offset it, by choosing 240C so I can get 210 C in Cura. But now when I print it also defaults the print head to 215C. no matter what. Even if it's set to 240 or lower it will only go up to 215C, which when reading with the laser thermometer is actually 185C, and my printer is severely under extruding now. Is there anything I can do or some kind of unknown cura setting that is revert my temp to 215 that I need to change? Or should I just rollback to stock firmware. 


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,840Administrator
    I recommend checking your heater block with a thermocouple rather than using a non-contact measurement. Can you try unplugging the LCD connector, and try setting the temperature using Pronterface over USB - do you get different results then?
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