Loud noise during bed move

RademasRademas Posts: 2Member
Hi guys, do you have any clue of whats causing this noise during the bed movement? Thanks and regards! 
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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,840Administrator
    That's bizarre... maybe there is some corrugated sleeving inside the printer that is catching on something? I think you might need to shine a flashlight inside or open the chassis to inspect it...
  • MarcMarc Posts: 1Member
    Hi there, I have the same scratching noise coming somewhere from X or Y axis. My A5S printer have this problem already from the beginning, some weeks ago. But when the nozzle movement is very fast the scratching noise is getting much more louder. w/o power you can move the axis by hand an no noise can be heared. What is it? Please help :/
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