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LCD firmware update problem

Hello, I tried to update the firmware of the LCD following the wiki procedure.
I only disconnected the USB cable on the LCD, I did not touch the other connector.

Now my screen shows only white squares and the files on the SD card have not been renamed.
I reflected the official firmware and I still have the same problem.

Can anyone help me ?


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Administrator Posts: 1,433
    edited December 2018
    Hi @Ryo , welcome!

    Please check the FAQ page. This question is answered there.

    FYI - there are three connectors plugged into the LCD. The 8-pin LCD data cable, the two pin "B1" filament sensor cable, and the USB cable.
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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Administrator Posts: 1,433
    edited December 2018
    If you still have problems, then I would suggest try to format the card and try again - or try a different card. Don't forget to copy all the resources, including the main firmware file, the config file, and the image resource folder.
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  • RyoRyo Member Posts: 2
    Thank, I have formatted the SD card and it worked 
  • Hello

    i need help i update my mainport and ist all fine, but i don't know how i can update the LCD firmwear. Can i update with the USB port for USB stick?

    THX for Help
  • ProkktorProkktor 🌟 Super Member 🌟 Posts: 146
    edited January 12
    No you need to copy the files on a SD card and put that in the port on the display board you likely have to open the printer for this.
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  • Thx for your help it works. :-D
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