Printer still printing with no filament flow

good day all, i'm a newish user, i got my printer  (A5)  oct 1, and i've been having a blast until recently. Yesterday it all together stopped moving, but i think that was a over heating issue from me trying to cope with this other problem.... over the last 2+ weeks ive found mid way through a print, the filament would stop "flowing?" and would work fine again if i raise the temp 10*c for a few more prints, then again, filament flow stops and i have to raise the temp again.  Brand of pla doesn't seem to matter.

i'm sorry if this has been discussed, i cant spend hours looking for a old post...

is this normal for the printer to keep moving, doing its printing thing, but no filament coming out?

any help would be truly grateful


  • ProkktorProkktor Posts: 146🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Puh, some questions:
    Did the extruder motor make loud scratching noises or did it simply stop turning?
    Did you check the temperature of your hotend?
    Did you check the temperature of your extruder Motor?
    What temp did you print at?

  • CamsterCamster Posts: 3Member
    -extruder motor noise, no

    -temperature of your hotend?
    , i try to avoid touching it as a rule :p , but physically checking temp, no, looking at the display, said what i set it as, being usb or pc print.

    -simply stop turning? n
    ope, i put on a indicator arrow thing, it keeps going as it should, extruder  is turning and retracting, heads, doing its job, just no filament coming out, however the filament is rock solid or frozen in its path, and not moving

    -temperature of your extruder Motor?, 
    did not "check" it no, but manually changing out the filament trying other brands, it was not overly warm, but i cant say i've caught it in the act, and i've had to heat up the hotend to pull out the filament.

    -What temp did you print at? first few hours is normal temp, 190-200-210*c depending on the quality, after the filament stops, 230,240,250, have to keep going up as it randomly stops "flowing"
  • ProkktorProkktor Posts: 146🌟 Super Member 🌟
    So the extruder motor turns, does not get hot but the filament does not move you hear no strange noises and the filament sometimes starts to flow when you make it hotter.

    I would disassemble the extruder assembly, something in there will probably be loose, I am guessing its the pinion.
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