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Problem with i Box

jirgeljirgel Posts: 30Member
edited December 2018 in Modifications & Upgrades
This is a Warning i would Upgrade my A5 with Ibox Produkts dont to this! The Steppermotor goes in the worng way. He push die filament out not in and the sensor doesnt work!!

Now any body out there witch wires i must chance for the steppermotor ?

And i need help please for the infrared sensor
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  • ProkktorProkktor Posts: 129🌟 Super Member 🌟
    edited December 2018
    If thats all thats wrong you should probably change the topic^^

    You can either switch the wires of one coil of the motor, if it has 4 just switch 1 with 2, 3 with 4, or plug it in upside down, all will lead to the same result.

    Since the biggest and most important upgrade is the community firmware, you can simply reverse the E0 Stepper Driver direction before uploading the new firmware and leave the cables as they are.

    You will probably have to do that anyways, because the steps/mm of the original extruder is 100 and you now probably have a titan, wich should have 450(?) steps/mm you will need to also change that in your firmware.

    Check this Video for Auto Bed Leveling:
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  • jirgeljirgel Posts: 30Member
    There is a brocken Pin in the clip god damit why allways by .......
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 1,136Administrator (absent until February)
    You purchased from inventBox - have you asked them for help? Please don't bad mouth companies without contacting them first.

    I think you have not understood the installation process completely. There are two parts - hardware installation, and then firmware installation. inventBox provides a firmware you must install, which will provide both IR functionality and correct motor direction. They have made it as easy as possible for A5 users! :smiley:
  • Charly3Charly3 Posts: 12Member
    Got the JG Titan MKII Kit on two JG A5 running fine meanwhile. There where minor issues like broken fan holders but Mr. Dolp always reacted promptly by sending out some spare parts. Too for the infrared sensor holder I´ve got newer top covers and nuts of stainless steel  that allow a wider setup range and don´t wear out like the first aluminium ones did. So talking to Mr. Dolp does help a lot.

    After all I had to do some additional changes to get out the best of the kit:

    On the Printer with glued glass plate infrarot sensor did run fine from scratch. On the Printer with clamped glass I had to paint the aluminum surface of the heater bed black to prevent misreadings caused by reflections through the glass plate that took place every now and then.

    The pressure lever on both titan extruders became worn out rather quick while sitting on the motor axis with no ball bearing etc. I´ve designed a new one that´s positioned by the motor axis too, but guided by all available housing areas in addition. This makes it a really powerfull and dependable extruder  that allows me to handle 5 to 7 day prints without any disruption. In combination with some other modifications (i.e. 2208 stepper drivers) 150 mm for inner walls, support and infill and 60 mm for outer walls even with 0,6 nozzles are no problem for this extruder.

    Another little bit tricky was the retraction handling. With original throttle I first had some clogging issues on retraction distances of 45 mm and more. A fully drilled open throttle that allows the tube to run directly from the extruder pressure roller to the top of the nozzle without any interruption did solve this problem - and beside my own explorations in this I found that Mr. Dolp does sell those opened throttles too ;-) So this modification causes an even smoother filament flow. There is only a minor issue in this solution - swapping nozzles often requires to swap that 10 cm long tube too every now and then too. 10 to 15 nozzle swaps and the tube doesn´t seal tight enough any more. It´s interchangeable without demounting the extruder.

    In retrospect - even with those minor issues -  I´d buy that kit again for it comes with fine balanced firmware updates for original and for alternative stepper drivers and a fine implementation of the auto bed leveling that saved me a lot of time to get it running.


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