[A5]Power supply dying?

Long story short - i bought my unit in July and after many upgrades and replacement of cheap chinese parts with relatively decent European ones i was getting happy with repeating good printing results, however today i ran into another issue.

To give it some context for past couple of weeks BLTouch was blinking red light upon printer boot which indicates failure to pass self test.
Fast forward to today, one of prints was aborted due to failure to heat bed to 50 degrees and all subsequent attempts failed in bed pre-heat phase.

Adding 2 and 2 together (given one of reasons for BLTouch to fail self-test is not getting full 5V supply on boot) and the fact that bed only heats up to ~42 degrees (Celsius) i assume that it's a Power Supply issue.

Has anyone ran into similar problem or am I the first one?
So far i had nothing but constant issues and problems with the printer and i guess that after couple of months fought to make it work reliably it took it as its point of honor to commit suicide in face of the possibility of actually reliably printing acceptable prints.


  • SkacikPLSkacikPL Posts: 3Member
    I guess the quick update is that PSU doesn't seem to be dying (yet)
    Connector to the bed seems to have gotten loose internally (metal clips inside the plug) and randomly started loosing connection which caused excessive load and heat, which explains voltage loss on 5/24 volt rails.
    Hopefully nothing is permanently damaged.

    As an added bonus it seems that internal wiring seems to use steel or aluminum cables instead of proper copper so yeah...
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