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New JGAurora A1 Owner

I finally bought the a new A1 a couple of weeks ago. It's been a hectic Christmas but I finally got it all put together today and I'm doing a test print of the little Buddha guy that came on the SD card.

Time to interject a little backstory. I bought a Printrbot LC V2 5 or 6 years ago but have never been 100% happy with the prints and would often run into issues with the build area. Though it was fun and I produced quite a few useful prints, it was time to upgrade. I have had my eye on an A5 for a while but recently noticed Samuel's videos about the A5S and A1 on YouTube. The thicker steel of the A1 was appealing to me and with a bit of searching, I was finally able to find it for the right price.

Previously, I have done a lot of my work in ABS but a fair amount also in PLA. I have had a lot of luck printing with high bed temperatures on kapton tape for ABS and on blue painter's tape for PLA. I tried TPE with no luck, partly I think, because of the way the filament feeds in on the Printrbot but also, I'm beginning to think, because I needed to slow down my extrusion. I do nearly all my design in OpenSCAD since I find it makes it easy to get precise dimensions and I am familiar with CSG from playing with POV-Ray. My control software has been Repetier Host using Slic3r (the Printrbot has no control panel) with direct USB printing (which has cost me a couple of prints). It will be interesting to see how my flow changes with the A1.

I have a few things on Thingiverse of various complexity. https://www.thingiverse.com/Richy_T/designs
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