Amazon 1.75mm PLA filament print settings

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I am a newbie to 3D printing. Just received my A5 in mid December and had a number of problems which were quickly resolved by support... they sent me a new machine.

This one works fantastic with the Yellow generic PLA filament from China (supplied with the machine).
I purchased more (a 5 reel/colour package) from (Canada).  This stuff is also manufactured in China.

Tried to print in Black using the same gcode and after a few minutes the feed gear got choppy and ruined the print.  Tried White and experienced the same issue.  Cleaned the feed gear with a dental pick and soft brass wire brush both times.  The filament was primed beautifuly all times.  I was told to wipe some canola oil on the first 2 to 3 inches of the filament to lubricate the Bowden feed tube to reduce friction.  Did this and it did not help.

I tried to print again with the same gcode and the original Yellow... perfect.
So it is the Amazon filament.

Did some internet sleuthing and it seems I may need to run colder (possibly 190°C versus 210°C) and slower (40mm/sec versus 60mm/sec) print speed.  Even the bed is a lower temperature (40°C versus 65°C).  It was even suggested on one posting that the Feed may need to be reduced (93% vesus 100%).

Has anyone experienced anything like this?  Has anyone suggestions as to what and how I should tweek the settings to get a good print with this other filament?  I suspect this is a standard occurance with new filament?  Is it all trial and error ($$$$)?

Any suggestions offered will be greatly appreciated by this novice.

BTW, I successfully printed a centre piece for a Dominoes Train  game and have printed two of six or seven Dominoes Tile Racks.
Made my own models (Inventor) and sliced with Cura 3.6.0



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    Well I reduced the print temp to 200
    reduced the print speed to 40mm/sec
    reduced the bed temp to 55
    fan off while building raft

    sporatic feed gear knocking on second layer of raft but nothing after that.
    raft a bit rough but it gets tossed anyway
    it has just started the actual build
    going to let this test run another half hour or so then cancel it.

    I will try tomorrow with more adjustments
    print temp 210
    print speed 30mm/sec
    fan on at middle layer of raft at 50% and 100% on top layer

    trial and error it is
    normally you limit changes to one thing at a time in lab testing to be able identify cause and effect, but....
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    Welcome Alan! @AON
    Different filaments can definitely need different temperatures. But I think if the filament is grinding, then I would try a higher temperature not a lower one. Getting your first layer height right also takes some practice. You will get a choppy first layer print texture if your nozzle is too close to the bed. I recommend these settings for the first layer:

    feel free to post photos if you want some suggestions
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    Thank you for the response Sam.

    I lowered the temp because I read that someone had good results at 190°C and I wanted to see for myself.\190 is the low end threshold recommended by the supplier (printed on the spool)  so I decided to drop to only 200°C from 210°C

    I believe you are correct and the temp should be higher as it may have had issues feeding at the rate needed at 60mm/sec print speed.  Possibly all I needed to do was lower the print speed.

    Going back to 210°C and down to 30mm/sec for my next try.

    There are so many possibly variations.
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    Started print at 6:48AM  This is a COURSE print.
    raft 1st and 2nd layers perfect
    3rd layer a bit rough (fan on at 50%)
    last layer smoothed things out
    started part at 7:38AM and seemed much better
    now is 8:37AM, almost 1 inch  (25mm) in height completed and looks much better than before... comparible to the Yellow filament finished product.  Hope it holds up for the full10 inches (250mm) total height.

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    Here is what I've printed so far
    a couple Yellow racks and one Black Centre Piece
    I left the raft on the centre piece.
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    11:05 AM
    got to 2-3/4 inch (70mm) height and the print stopped.
    The bed moved back to locate the extruder clear and nothing.
    I thought possibly something might have over heated (thermistor protection) but cannot find anything about this on line.
    shut down
    11:25 AM trying again
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