Problem with a5s bed clean

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Hi everyone,
I have the jgaurora a5s about 15 days, and it's my first printer.
I made the first prints, to try, using the blue ribbon already pre-applied. Then I removed it, at the beginning the prints did not stick so I made the mistake of spraying some hair spray. After 2 prints I realized what had happened (I attach a photo). Now I can not clean it anymore. I tried to leave it to soak with hot water and alcohol, clean it with only alcohol and even with dishwashing detergent. What can I do? what happened to you?
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    Ouch  :'( those aren't cheap to replace either. I think I would go with one of those magnetic beds as a replacement. I find the adhesion isn't quite as good as I'd like in any case.
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    Welcome @edoardo11 ;
    Does the bed adhesion still work?

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    I had the same problem. I printed with the tape on it and sprayed Agua net hair spray on it. And it worked until an oblect stuck to it and would not come off. I ended up using a razor blade to get it and the tape off. The glass is really all you need . Things stick well and op right off.. I have the stains too. I will keep trying .
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    Welcome @Hobietacker - it is really great when it works :smiley:, worth the effort to learn!
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    how do you post pictures

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    You can drag photos into the text box area, or can click the upload photo button in the toolbar:

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