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Shrinkage and warp

Well, don't praise the Lord in the morning when you have to walk the whole day...

After some difficulties in the beginning I flashed the firmware of my printer, used the mesh leveling and printed a beautiful 20 mm XYZ-test cube which is a little too big (0,3 -0,4 mm).
Because I had to, my next print was an objectiv holder for an episcope I needed bad. The measuring is acceptable, but I received some shirinking and warping in one corner. Ok,my shop is not the warmest right now, it was around 15° C. The print stayed on the bed, but this one corner lifted like 1 mm over a length of 20 mm at the outline of a circle which is about 80 mm in dia. It's no reject, I can use it, no problem, but how do I get this problem solved.
I printed it with the standard setup form Cura. I read and found in the depth of the web a few hints, lowering the speed, lowering the extruder temperature...
Being a newbie, reading and implementing changes in a new surrounding is difficult. Try and error when you don't know what you do could be fatal.
I'm happy, the firmware stuff worked and I got my bed leveled.
Any hints for me?

Thanks in advance!




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