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Manual for MArlin1.1.8C

Hi folks,

I wonder, if there is a manual with all the menue steps available...

Somebody knows about? If possible in German?

Thanks in advance!




  • ProkktorProkktor Posts: 146🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Lol this really is a forum full of germans trying to write in english^^

    The menu buttons only sent gcode to the printter board.
    You can look up those gcode commands in the config file of the display firmware. (linked in the wiki)
    The GCODE commands and the rest of marlin are docemented here:

    Dont know any german sources sorry.

  • Badger1875Badger1875 Posts: 13Member
    Hi Prokktor,
    sorry about asking for a german manual, but I'm not asking only for my own use, I think, my english is good enough to handle instructions or similar...
    Anyhow, sometimes it's easier reading native tongue, be happy, it's an english speakin' forum!  o:) B)

    Thank you for the link with g-code!

    What I'm looking for is some documentation like Sam's user guide, just for the 1.1.8 C version...

    Looks like I have to go through a try and error period.



  • ProkktorProkktor Posts: 146🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Hmm after thinking about it you may just have asked the wrong question:

    Did you want to ask about the Custom Display Firmwares new buttons?
    That actually has very little to do with Marlin 1.1.8C which is for the Arduino board and has just a reset button^^

    If thats the case and out of my head:
    Babystep+-  Bewegt die Nozzle 0.025mm hoch oder runter, im Normalfall um die 1. Schicht perfekt einzustellen
    M-OFF Schaltet alle Motoren aus, man kann alle 3 Achsen dann mit der Hand bewegen
    Mesh Bed Leveling: Der erste Knopf startet den Leveling Vorgang, der 2. schaltet zwischen den Punkten um und dann sind da noch + und - um die Düse zu bewegen und tatsächlich auhc etwas zu leveln
    Save: speichert das so erstellte Mesh

    Bei Babysteps gibt es auch ein Save, keine Ahnung wofür das gut sein soll.

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