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Nozzle sizes

Enrique RiriEnrique Riri Posts: 22🌟 Super Member 🌟
edited January 11 in Modifications & Upgrades
Hi all community users,

As you probably know, 99% users are only focusing on 0.4mm nozzle, as standard delivery with most of the printer and thinks this is the only option!.
But it's somewhere false… Try other sizes.
perhaps, I made some try with 0.6mm nozzle, and the visual difference is quite imperceptible.
But you win 30% printing timming.
You have several choices going from 0.25mm or less to 1mm size
So I open this topic to begin and exchange…
Good weekend

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  • ProkktorProkktor Posts: 129🌟 Super Member 🌟
    *smart ass mode on*
    pi*0.4mm² = 0.126mm²
    pi*0.6mm² = 0.283mm²
    0.126mm² * x = 0.283mm²
    x = 2.25

    So you actually print at max 225% the speed of a 0.4mm nozzle!
    *smart ass mode off*

    You are of course right using different nozzles is important. 
    But I do not think the heater and the heating block are up to 0.8mm and 1mm nozzles.

    Has anyone tried?

  • WerewolfWerewolf Posts: 11Member
    I am use all extruders 0.2-0.25-0.3-0.4-0.6-0.8mm. The choose depends from model configurtaion first of all.
    If i want have some text and digit signs on surfaces - i am use 0.25 or 0.3mm.
    For printing boxes - 0.5-0.6mm.
    Anyway, the printing time for me not so important as quality and strength
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