Hot End Upgrade

I got my Z-603s about a month ago and I couldn’t be happier with it. The prints are coming out beautifully.

I am interested in upgrading the hot end to something hardened, but I haven’t found much info on the stock nozzel specs. I’d like to play around with printing NylonX (I’ve had alot of success with Nylon 645) but I want to make sure my nozzle can withstand the abrassion. 

Does anyone have any recommendations or experience with this?


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    Hi @Pacha - welcome! The Z-603S is a pretty great machine, I love mine.

    You can buy both hardened steel nozzles, and also tungsten nozzles. The Z-603S uses standard E3D v6 compatible nozzles. You may have to move the z-endstop lower though to reset your correct nozzle height, as the nozzles are slightly longer.

    I bought a tungsten nozzle for mine that I purchased from a kickstarter project.

    Just be careful not to heat hotter than 245C, because of the damage to the PTFE (teflon) tubing in the hotend which then breaks down to release toxic gases when it is overheated.

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