A5 overheat problem

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As I mention before, my A5 is having a overheat issue.  The fan on the original P/S is not working correctly, the printer would stop in mid-print and LCD will go blank.  I turn the unit off the on again, it did not boot.   I turn it off waiting a few minutes, turn in on again,  now it boots up as normal.  The problem would come back repeatedly,  I knew the fan on the P/S is probably bad so I replace with a new P/S.  I  remove the fan from the original P/S and the fan is not turning smoothly, most likely it need some oil in the shaft. 

I turn on the printer with the new P/S installed, pre-heat both the bed and the extruder the printer again shuts off after 2-3 minutes while heating up, same problem as before.  I waited a few minutes and turn the printer on again, I decided let the printer set idle with the power on for  30 minutes (cold bed and extruder).  The printer stay on did not shut off, so  I started to load the filament manually, it shut off again. 

After a few minutes I turn it back on,   it  boots up.  I pre-heat the bed and the extruder 110/230, this time it stay on, I started to print a small model without loading the filament, I want it the printer to go through the printing motion without  actually print anything.  So far its been 25 minutes with another 25 minutes to go.

When the printer shut off, the screen goes blank no error message, the power  switch on the back is switched on, I have to switch it off then on again to reboot.

What do you think the problem is, I know it can't be the power supply since its brand new, could the mainboard be the cause? 


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    So, I figure it out, the problem is the extruder motor filament sensor.  The sensor is bad, whenever the the sensor is press down or touch by the filament screen goes off, when the filament is removed, the printer reboot  to normal.  So I removed the sensor from the motor and it starts to print without any issue.
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    Good to hear :smile:
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    Well, no so good.

    The printer shuts down again in mid print.  I did a 2.5 hr print with no problem, but when I did 5 hour print is shuts off again.
    The nozzle stop moving, no screen but the bed and nozzle stayed hot.  I have to turn it off and  on  again, how do I trouble shot this problem? 

    I am doing a 3.5 hour print now, lets see if it will shuts off. 
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    Are using a closed insulated box around your printer ? If so, perhaps it could be thermal protection that is reached.
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    Running the print through pronterface or octoprint will give you a serial log of what happened. It would be interesting to see what the error is. If there is no error then most likely it is the power supply. What firmware are you running?
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