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Real maximum size


I´ve been trying the printer (A5) and the software Cura and I´ve realized that, if you place a object with the maximun printable size, Cura is not able to slice it.
The object appears in grey and a message with the text:
"Unable to slice. Nothing to slice because none of the models fit the build volume. Please scale or rotate models to fit."
I tried to scale the object and, when the size on X and Y was 288.6 mm, the object turned to yelloy and the slicing is possible.
Is that actually the real maximum printing size?
Or should I revise my printer settings?

Thanks in advance.


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Administrator Posts: 1,529
    Don't forget about the brim or skirt around your print, this will increase the actual print size on the bed.
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Administrator Posts: 1,529
    Maybe this is worth reading too:
  • monicacomonicaco Member Posts: 4
    Thank you Samuel.
    You were right, I´ve deactivate the skirt and the object can be sliced.
  • Richy_TRichy_T 🌟 Super Member 🌟 Posts: 77
    edited February 7
    I wish there was a "purge nozzle" option other than skirt or brim. I guess some custom gcode would do it. It looks like slic3r prusa edition has it but I see some complaints about it.
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  • TouliloupTouliloup Member Posts: 1
    You can find the gcode with purge on jgaurorawiki 
    Thanked by 1Samuel Pinches
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