JGAUrora A5S - Printer Setup in Cura and Simplify3D - Newbie

Hello all.

My Name is André, I´m from Germany and I got my first 3d printer (JGAurora A5S).
I´m a totaly Newbie to 3d printing, but great in CAD design ;-)

Could someone help me to have the correct settings in Cura and Simplyfy3D?
I cannot find settings for the A5S, only some for A5.

Thanks in advance.


  • FrezapFrezap Posts: 21Member, 🌟 Super Member 🌟
    A lot of knownledge about the A5 carries over to the A5S because they are very similar. The only significant difference between them is the Controlboard, so disregard the information about firmware and such.

    To get started use the Settings written in the A5 wiki: https://jgaurorawiki.com/a5/printing-profiles
    For me Cura forgets about the filament diameter after the initial set up so watch out for that.
    I really like DaHai's start and end gcode: https://jgaurorawiki.com/start-and-end-gcode

    Have fun with your Printer! :D

  • RobertRobert Posts: 33🌟 Super Member 🌟
    The A5S is basically the same as the A5, just load the A5 profile from S3D  you are good to go.
  • asterix007asterix007 Posts: 22Member
    hallo pfanni,

    hast es hin bekommen?
    du hast auch noch das Jgreat dabei auf der Karte, damit machst du anfänglich gute ausrucke,
    ich habe mir die einstellungen von Jgreat auf cura in (2 fenstern windows) übernommen, ging ganz gut :)

    brichte wie es läuft, würde mich und alle hier interessieren..

    gruß asterix007
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