Parts Won't Fit

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I have the JGAurora A5S for about a month now, and I want to start experimenting with mechanical parts. However, whatever I do, the parts don't seem to fit. Either its too big or too small. I tried everything even putting in an attempted calibrated E Steps numbers, but even the cube isn't 100%. (either too big at 20.2-20.1 or too small at 19.8-19.9.)

Anyone has recommendations for the best E Steps configuration number that I can put in the start of the GCODE or/and a Cura profile to make mechanical/articulated parts fit for the A5S?

Thank you!


  • LezLez Posts: 1Member
    I scale up the parts in Cura by 100.4% to get them correct. I calculated that this is how much the plastic is shrinking when it cools. I find it easier to use the scale in Cura, I don't know if this helps.
  • SomeoneYouLikeSomeoneYouLike Posts: 38🌟 Super Member 🌟
    You do scale both parts or just one of them?
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