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JGAurora A5 Y-Axis cable

Hello, this is my first time in this forum so please dont hurt me ;)

a few week´s ago i get my 4. JGaurora A5 Printer (2 of them i buy death from Ebay for personal research) 

The last one i received was totally messed up inside. the previous owner has even retracted new cables and cut through the old ones and then soldered them again. MKS GEN L was destroyed and even LCD Screen was seppareted from its Board (flat cable cut..soldered..cut...)

now to my question:
is there any solution to give the Y-axis cable a "way" inside the printer?
normaly i dont thing about it, but i want to close this printer and never want to look inside again and im not sure if the cable is to long....

i made a "shield" so that it dont toch the MKS-GEN-L ( )
by the way i sepparate the 2 Z-axis stepper motor but everyone has to decide this point for themselves. in German 3D printing forum it comes daily to a nearly religious war over Stepper motor driver and reference voltage...


  • Der_MuckDer_Muck 🌟 Super Member 🌟 Posts: 238
    you can mount a drag chain as in the older JGs. I would by a openable chain for that.
    My JGs Y cable is free inside, its no problem when i check it, it looks ok but yes its maybe better do give it a moving way inside.
    I dont know how the drag chain infects the cable, its no drag chain cable, so maybe one day you have a broken cable.
    A real drag chain cable is maybe to stiff, but it would be a better soliution.

    With Motors, we dont have that discussions, the main thing is, that they are working. Set the V so that you dont have missing steps and not get them hot. Thers no need for high V, it only makes them hot and the magnets loose power and than they get hotter and hotter.   You can find my TMC settings here in the forum. I recommend the TMC mod. and maybe BLtouch mod. But it always depends what you wanna print with the JG. For me, I less print with PLA, I have nearly every mod on my JG :D 
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