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I am interested in creating/printing lithophanes with a 3D printer after carving them out on a CNC machine.....I may expand to other interest with a printer, however. 
The video comparison of a creality with the jgaurora has convinced me that the latter is a better pick, but then there are various models of jga......the A5s and the aside, which printer is a better choice for litophanes and does one model have a better resolution (stepper motor granularity) than the other.
I have found NO "seller" that actually has "live" customer support and the descriptions of both leave a lot to be desired.  Thanks for any help!


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    Just a brief brief answer before I head off - in my opinion on these oversized printers, the precision (or any lack thereof) is more to do with print speed and frame rigidity, and filament control, than absolute stepper resolution. The A1 is stiffer.

    The A5S and A1 are also both not susceptible to salmon skinning. I’m not sure about the CR10 on that one
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    I appreciate the response.......does the A1 have a finer granularity set of stepper motors than the A5S or are they equal?  Also to do they both have dual Z steppers?

    Also can you recommend a retailer that actually has true live customer support for jgaurora?
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    The motors and electronics are identical between them. Both have dual z motors.

    Where are you located in the world?
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