Newbie Questions

I am interested in creating/printing lithophanes with a 3D printer after carving them out on a CNC machine for a while (I am tired of vacuuming up the Lexan "bits"!).....I may expand to other interests with a printer, however. 
The video comparison of a creality with the jgaurora has convinced me that the latter is a better pick, but then there are various models of jga......the A5s and the A1 particularly interest aside, which printer is a better choice for lithophanes and does one model have a better resolution (stepper motor granularity) than the other, as the quality of the result is most important to me.
I have found NO "retailer" that actually has "live" customer support and the web related descriptions of both leave a lot to be desired.  Thanks for any help! Also if you do know of a seller or either or both that actually can professionally support the product, post sale, I would appreciated that information, as well.
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