Ok, I had just rebuilt my print head and had done about 8 5 hour print jobs back to back to back...Everything was working fine and I decided to change my fan shroud and so I went to raise the extruder higher so I can get to the screw of the shroud easier. So months ago I put a light at the top of my A5 with some magnets and now I raised to extruder so high on accident that it ran into the light and got stuck pushing on it for about 3 to 5 seconds then I turned off the machine. When I turned it back on it is now stuck reading very incorrect temps. I can't even understand how this is even kind of possible (especially with the one in the print bed) from the wires inside the plastic protective tube on the extruder pushing into light for a few seconds 🤯


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    @Jon Mathis  uh oh, that doesn't sounds good :disappointed: what temps is it showing?
    -15ºC means that there is a broken connection
    +300C means that there is a short circuit to ground, or that the thermistor channel is damaged.

    You may want to read the troubleshooting wrong temperature readings section on the FAQ page on the wiki.

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