psu fan, start when hot

Hey, I took apart, the psu, to mod the fan, with a resistor, but it didn't result, in what I wanted, so I removed the resistor, and put the psu back together.
How long should I wait, before the psu fan start.
how long can the psu, withstand the heat, if the fan don't run ?.
And how can I debug, if the heat sensor has a error ?


  • kjaergaardkjaergaard Posts: 2Member
    It's a jgaurora a5
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,596Administrator
    Welcome @kjaergaard ...
    They are some very specific questions! :wink: I don't have all the answers on this topic.

    The fan may not start at all, unless the PSU is under load. Turning on the heated bed for 5 minutes should be enough to trigger the fan.
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