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hello got my A5s and have had great luck

need some help with stringing and some odd layering overfill. i used the Cura that came on the SD card and had great luck, switched to Cura 4 and had a lot of problems. things seem to keep popping up. i had to go and pick up a few different filaments because i could not get anything to print. now i am back to printing but stringing and blobs persist. looking for some tips  


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Administrator Posts: 1,618
    edited March 31
    Welcome to the forum @jayrock5150 :smile:  

    If you’re having problems with stringing, perhaps have a play with the retraction length and retraction speed. That may help blobbing too.
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  • jayrock5150jayrock5150 Member Posts: 2
    thank you, have been doing some. 
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