A1S and A1

i bought an A1S by amazon germany. I'm asking myself whats the difference between A1 and A1S. Does anyone know it?



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    Hello @Quacko :smiley: welcome to the forum.
    They are the same - they changed the name early on. Is your labelled A1S anywhere?
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    Thanks for the fast answer.
    Got it today. Unboxing will be done this evening.

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    Ok, the Printer works great. The first printouts looks great and I had no issues til now.

    But if I have, where can i get some spareparts for the A1. All parts i found around the net are for the A5 . By sure there are some Parts being useable for both models. Especialy for A1 there is nothing to find. Maybe the printer is  new on the market and it needs some time.

    For the moment I'lm waiting for more Filaments just like PETG, TPU, Wood. Bought it and is on the way to me.

    What is about firmware. i'm using the orginal firmware, but  Is there any firmware available which is recommend by the experts.

    As you see i'm really new at this 3D printing business and hopefully there is someone who can help a bit.
    There is so much new for me and my experience in 3D printing is poor. Before The A1  i had a da vinci junior... plug and pray,



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