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NEW Budget 3D Printer: JGMaker Magic
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[6th Jun 19] The LATEST JGAurora A5S is already for sale under $400 - use coupon GBA5S11 for a further $15 off!
Print quality is better than A5 out of the box, and it only takes 10 minutes to assemble.
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Some experience with Titan Aero Extruder All metal enhanced on A5 printers

Had my A5 printers modified with ibox Titan direct extruder update. After a while, the extruder pressure handels got worn out, cause of leaking ball bearing on motor axis. So I switched to cheap Kee Pang Titan extruders. The do have ball bearings wherever needed, a much better gear to drive the filament and a pressure wheel that has a perfect guiding groove - but they do have only three screws connecting extruder housing and side flap. The screw going through the gear wheel  is missing. Therefore the ball bearing mounts in the extruder housings does break away after a short period cause the housing won´t stay stable in that area.

So my final solution are the Titan Aero Extruder all metal but it needs to be the slightly more expensive enhanced version with a filament guide screwed into the Extruder housing as a separate element. Changed the pressure wheels to the guiding grooved pressure wheel from the broken Kee Pang Extruders. So finally I´ve got the precision, eveness and reliability I´d been heading for. Both, Kee Pang and Titan Aero metall Extruders do need the same adaptions to ibox cable guiding element.

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