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JGAURORA A5S sensor error

Hey everyone,
I just got my JGAURORA A5S today, spent the last couple hours trying to get it set up, but when it comes to the heat portion of the setup process I get an error: EXTU1 Sensor Error
I read online to download Pronterface to find out more about the problem, Pronterface is giving me this: RECV: #1sensor error

Anything that can help would be much appreciated!


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 1,897Administrator
    Welcome @CoaleyD !
    Those errors from the factory firmware can certainly be a little cryptic! I think EXTU1 is the extruder nozzle temperature sensor.
    This sounds like an error with the thermistor (temperature sensor) - it sounds like there may be a break in the connection somewhere between the nozzle temperature sensor, and the motherboard connection.
    I would first suggest to double check all the connectors in the side are firmly plugged in.
  • CoaleyDCoaleyD Posts: 3Member
    Thanks for the reply!

    I've checked, and double checked that the connectors are firmly in, as far as I can tell they're as firm as firm can be.
    Is there a next step after that?
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 1,897Administrator
    edited April 23
    If you just got the printer, I'm hesitant to start telling you to have to take it all apart again! :(

    If you have a multimeter, you can test the hot end thermistor.

    On the side of the printer you will see the plugs:

    If you unplug the bottom one, the thermistor is then no longer connected to the main motherboard. You can then measure the resistance of the pins for the Hot End Thermistor, and you should see a resistance of ~100k.

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  • CoaleyDCoaleyD Posts: 3Member
    Unfortunately, I don't have a multimeter handy, but I'll run by the store tomorrow to pick one up. I'd love to get it figured out, I'm excited to start printing

    Thanks for the help, I'll check back in tomorrow
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 1,897Administrator
    edited April 23
    Don't spend too much  ;) - any basic multimeter will do for this job, but you might even have a friend who can lend you one for a day!

    If you want to get a good one, I've linked some excellent value multimeters with heaps of features on the wiki page here - they are under $25 on amazon.
    Good luck! :smile:

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  • ThingsNSchtuffThingsNSchtuff Posts: 19Member
    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find parts for the temperature sensor. Mine gave up the ghost and Im not quite sure the specs of the sensor to just find one and make it work
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 1,897Administrator
    edited June 3
    If you're looking for an exact match you can check the wiki for jgaurora spare parts, otherwise any "100K thermistor" should work within acceptable accuracy. The challenge is getting one that is small enough to fit into the small original hole in the heater block, which is definitely on the small size.
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  • ThingsNSchtuffThingsNSchtuff Posts: 19Member
    so just a follow-up. The original part is available on aliexpress as linked in the wiki. I ended up buying this little bad boy and spliced the wires with my last sensor for a little extra length and to keep the original connect and it works great so far. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B42NPW3/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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