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Is my printbed upside down?

Charly3Charly3 Member Posts: 15
Linear, bilinear and ubl leveling - the result is the same. The left side of the bed shows negative values in measuring points, the right side positive. So what I´d expect is that the filament on left side is printed slightly higher more round and on the right side it is pressed a little bit more during initial layer. But what happens is exact the opposite. Left side the filament is pressed to the bed, while right side string is round and doesn´t stick to the bed. Meanwhile I guess that somehow the measured values are inverted. Any Idea to flip it? All I could find in configuration.h does invert the real motion of head and bed - not only the measured values. Any Idea where to invert?

Reg. Charly

PS. Any experiences with g26 test print? It jerks and shakes my printhead  and extruder that normaly moves fluently thanks of 2208 drivers.


  • Der_MuckDer_Muck 🌟 Super Member 🌟 Posts: 238
    What do you use, BL touch or IR probe?
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