Cannot level bed

Hey guys, I have for the last 2 days adjusted the gantry, messed with the z stop switch and gone over the bed leveling with both paper and a thickness guage probably about 100 times now and I cant level the bed. When I get all 4 side dialed in, the 5th level point (the center) has zero gap in it. Is it possible that my bed is warped?


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    What's the thickness of your gauge? I have similar issue with my A5 where the center of the bed is about 0.3mm lower than the corners. I started off with using a raft and quickly moved to the community firmware with manual mesh leveling, and now (5 months later) installing a bltouch. Before that, I think I spent a week just going through these forums and the wiki. Good luck!

    Not sure if there's a consensus for how much is 'too warped', good chance you'll find something.
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    @Apocalypse - yes, my original A5 is just the same as yours - high in the middle. That's the main reason I had to use manual mesh bed leveling too.
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    It baffles me because I did so much research before I bought and so many people had success right out of the box.. @beata I was using both printer paper and a .2mm guage. I was hoping for something easy when I bought this as I had another 3d printer before and the tinkering became too much for my little patience Haha. So I have to update the firmware and go through mesh bed leveling huh? Never done that before but i guess i can try.. I'm contemplating returning it at the same time... ugh.. thanks for the responses guys. 
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    Hey guys, this is the email I got twice from JGaurora.. can you speculate as I'm not 100% understanding

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