Printer Continuing to print after cooling down?

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hello, thanks for reading through this. this is gonna be long

I recently switched the Simplify3D so i could work with my A5 and Ender 3 printers using the same software. i started a 16 hour print for the screwless gear cube (made my emmet on thingiverse) and encountered some issues while printing. it first started with the print head stopping mid print and the motors being de-activated. i re-sliced the pieces i was printing and saved it to a different USB drive (was using one i got at staples and switched to the one that came with the printer) and this had somewhat of a success. the print didn't stop partway through, but rather it looks like the printer started the cool down procedure while the print was unfinished. on top of this, the head continued to move in a circular motion. no plastic was extruded during this, so both my hot head and printer are still functioning. i'm guessing this is on the slicer side, and it was just a mistake, but i didn't want to try a 16 hour long print again before looking into it. using similar settings (reduced speed) on my Ender 3 produced a full print with no issues.

Print settings:
Proto-Pasta HTPLA
Nozzle temp: 200c
bed temp: 60c
Print Speed: 60 mm/s
Retraction Speed: 60 mm/s
retraction distance: 8 mm
infill: 20%
perimeters: 5
cooling fan turns on after the first layer
community firmware on the LCD and Motherboard

(edited to add firmware to the list)
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    Hmm just try it with a small print to check that problem. Normaly that cant be that it cools down without a error text or a emergency stop.
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    this is why i suspect it's the gcode. I've been using cura for the past year but switched to simplify3D in April. 
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    Hmm I cant think of that it is a problem with the gcode because it would be a problem via USB to PC.
    I used cura for about 30min :D that was enough for me. With Craftware it was 2 days, my main programm is S3D.

    When it stops mid in a print, thers a overheating problem, filament sensor but you would hear that :D, a problem with a connection, gcode problem via USB PC or a problem with the USB stick. 

    You can use PF to monitor your print and see whats wrong in the gcode log.

    The printer can behave sometimes strange, I had that several times. Most times a M502 or a turn off turn on helped.
    Just try to testprint and monitor it. 

    *retraction speed 60mm/s is only passible if you changed the max speed which is limited in the firmware. It is also nothing good, way to fast if you turned it up. 25-40 gives you the best results. High speeds can grind your filament in the extruder down and cause overheating on the extruder, it doesnt increase your printquality at all, causing skipped steps and much noice.
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