jgaurora a1s Teflon tube


i have broken my original Teflon tube and forgot tu masure it.

do anyone know how Long it must be? i have baught a m6x 30mm tube and cut it to 25mm but it seems it is to Long.

what is optimal space between heatblock and mount?

greetings hermann


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    @hermannjun Greetings Hermann,
    I'm really sorry, I don't have any of my machine disassembled to measure for you. You have buy a new heat break throat of correct length here:
    Kind regards,
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  • hermannjunhermannjun Posts: 3Member

    thank you,now i have the correct length of the tube.

    26mm,it doesnt fit because the thread of the x-axis slider is bad.

    now i must search a x-axis slider what doesent Need 30 days to deliver.

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